Keratin is a natural repair substance that is found in about 88% of our hair. It penetrates into the hair, restores internal damage and wraps the thread in a protective film. Thermo-dynamic applied treatment is activated with the ceramic plate, keratin is sealed deep in the hair cuticles and a keratinization process is initiated that maintains hydration and inhibits the effects of moisture, while smoothing and strengthening the hair from the inside to the outside.
Keratin treatments penetrate the hair, restore internal damage and wrap the hair in a protective film. Use iHair's keratin products to straighten your hair while protecting, nourishing, and helping to regenerate.
Keratin treatments have been specially designed for people who have curly, rebellious or damaged hair - if you want comfortable, easy-to-fix, strong, elastic and moisture-resistant hair then you should try the iHair keratin products!
iHair offers keratin treatments in the form of kits containing keratin, clarifying shampoo and care products after this treatment.
Easy to use and very effective, this treatment repairs straight and restores hair, has results that last up to 6 months.
Even if you have thick, curly hair and want a straightening result, or if you have thin and fine hair, at Ihair you will find the right keratin treatment for you.

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What are the benefits of Keratin:

  • Repair and restore the hair
  • Straighten and clothe your hair
  • It offers shine and vitality
  • Immediate results
  • Resist for up to 6 months

We recommend this treatment if:

  • You have dry and damaged hair
  • The hair is tangled and breaks at the brush
  • You want straight and shiny hair
  • You waste a lot of time arranging your hair
  • Hair health is important to you

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