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We want and do our best to be fully satisfied with the purchases made online on our website www.ihairkeratin.com, however, if you are not satisfied with the purchased products, you can return them to the base legal provisions in force.

Romanian legislation in the field of electronic commerce and distance contracts (Ordinance no. 130 / 31.08.2000, supplemented by law no. 51 of January 21, 2003 for the approval of Government Ordinance no. 130/2000) provides the following: "The consumer has the right to notifies the trader in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 working days from the receipt of the product ".

Therefore, you can return any product ordered from our virtual store, within 14 days, without penalties and without being asked the reason why you made this decision. The termination of the contract is made only in writing. Only products that have not been picked up from our headquarters can be returned based on these legal provisions. The only condition is that the product is in the same condition in which it was delivered to you (to have the original packaging and the documents that accompanied it - the fiscal invoice and receipt, as the case may be). Within a maximum of 30 days from the return date, we will return the value of the order to your account or by postal order.

Return expenses will be borne by the buyer. Transportation and freight insurance costs will not be refunded. You cannot return a product that has defects caused by you. We make sure that the products on the website www.iahirkeratin.com reach you in the best conditions.

The return of the products will be made at the customer's expense, using the same transport service with which the shipment was made. The returned goods will be compulsorily insured during the transport at the client's expense.

If a product other than the one ordered was sent to you, you can return it. Our company will bear all the shipping costs and we will send you the requested product as soon as we receive the package. If the product no longer exists in stock, your full value will be refunded or you will have the opportunity to select other products from our site within the amount paid to us.

If you have accidentally ordered another model, you can return the product for change, provided that both the product and the packaging are unopened and undamaged in any way. Shipping costs will be borne by the customer in this case. The returned goods will be compulsorily insured during the transport at the client's expense.

In order to return the product, you must send it to us at office@ihairkeratin.com. Send the package with the product and the invoice from the package received to an address that will be communicated by our operators. Shipping costs, in this case, will be borne by the buyer. The returned goods will be compulsorily insured during the transport at the client's expense.


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