IHair Keratin Shampoo- the perfect choice for a perfect hair!

Keratin is a natural substance in our hair.  If we include it in our haircare routine, we can enjoy a healthy, straightened, shiny and moisturized hair. This is thing is possible, by using just one product if you don't want to make the things complicated. This product is IHair Keratin Shampoo!

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IHair Keratin Masks - the perfect choice for those who want a change this summer

We all know that summer always brings change. Many women want to make this king of changes, but they are not sure if they want them to be permanent. Well, we are here today to encourage you to do this, because we come with the idea of a semi-permanent option which will help you to change your look this summer and decide if it will be permanent, at some point.


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Root volume with the new VolumeExtra treatment from IHAIR KERATIN

Hair with volume has always been a desire for feminine beauty, there are many tricks to resort to, but with the short-term effect as a disadvantage.

Lack of hair volume is one of the common problems clients face, and root volume solutions are limited: excessive tapping, excessive styling products, frequent styling, all resulting in hair loss or breakage and long lost time. . In addition, a volumeless hair is greasy quickly and this ruins the whole hair aspect.

Therefore, the IHAIR KERATIN range brings volume treatment in Romania. An innovative technique from Russia, which provides hair volume from the root, which is kept for up to 6 months.

The composition does not contain harmful components, but is very nourishing. The procedure itself is based on bio-corrugations of the volume with the use of cysteamine - the most active component. This amino acid, in combination with keratin, helps to restructure the hair without damaging it. Cysteamine does not contain ammonia, has a low pH, but includes a very effective extract, namely propolis extract, which prevents irritation of the scalp

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