With the new autumn season comes new drink orders like pumpkin latte, footwear choices, makeup, and, of course, hair colors options.

Fall 2021 is different, of course — we're still in the throes of the pandemic which means being a little more decisive and strategic about what kind of dye job to get. Though most places are fully opened back up, plenty of people are still nervous to make too many trips to the salon. This season, the beauty world is all about hues that bring joy and are easy to maintain at home.

We recomand you Cooper colour Hair Mask iHair Keratin, your hair will get a perfect shade for this season to be more specific will complet your look.

Desing to revive cooper  color. Due to its enriched formula, repairs, softsen, moisturizes and nourishes hair while portection against ferizz. It changes with one application any tipe of hair especially blonde and brown into shine, bright and deep cooper color with long lasting rezults. Makes your hair alive and beautyfull. 

Coloring masks and coloring shampoo are ideal for bleached or stranded hair. You can make any color you want, such as pink, gray, lilac, black, chocolate, copper, red without affecting your hair. The masks not only color, but also deeply moisturize the hair and give it shine. Coloring masks do not go away from the first wash.

Dare to shine this season and take care of your hair with the help of the best products from the iharkeratin range. We are also waiting for you at iHair Salon, on Ajustorului street number , sector 6, Bucharest. Here we can discuss the look changes you want, but also about products and services.

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