Q: How many days after the iHair Keratin treatment should I wash my hair?
A: You should not wash your hair the first 72 hours, meaning the first 3 days after application.
Q: Who Can Apply this treatment?
A: IHair Brazilian Keratin Treatment may only be applied by qualified staff.
Q: What happens if I don’t use hair products without sodium chloride?
A: Sodium chloride is salt, it removes keratin treatment and shortens treatment duration.
Q: Can I have the treatment if my hair is dyed, bleached or colored?
A : Yes, you can have this treatment on dyed, tinted or chemically straightened hair.
Q: Can I go to the pool or the sea after treatment?
A: Always apply conditioner before swimming and rinse well afterwards.
Q: Can I use hairspray, gel, foam or any other product on the hair in the first 3 days?
A: Only special serum without sodium cloride. After the first shampooing you can use any styling product.
Q: Can I color the hair before the treatment?
A: Yes. We recommend it that you first dye your hair. If your hair is colored the same day, right before the treatment, do not use conditioner after shampooing.
Q: Can I dye my hair after the treatment?
A: You have to wait for 2 weeks after the treatment and then apply any color. We recommend using a dye without ammonia.
Q: Can I bleach my hair after the keratin treatment?
A: : No, do not use pouder on hair with keratin treatment, this will influence the treatment. Hightlights will be done before treatment.
Q: Will it have the same result on natural hair?
A: Yes, but it will not last as long as with painted or chemically treated hair, an alternative is the Japanese straightening.
Q: Next time I will have to apply the treatment only to the roots or to the entire length?
A: It will be applied on the full length.