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The new classic is perfect for color-treated, natural and thick hair. Get smooth, straight hair quickly with a single pass. Stationary plates are optimized for maximum straightening.


• Black titanium plates (patented mixture) block moisture and reduce static.

• Produces negative ions, sealing cuticles, increasing brightness.

• The ventilation system releases excess heat, preventing internal and physical damage.

• Built-in ceramic heaters allow instant heat recovery, ensuring constant heat during use.

• Fully digital temperature settings [280F ° - 450F °]

‌ • Dual voltage capacities [110V - 240V]

• Built-in automatic shut-off, safety feature after 30 minutes of non-use. ‌

• Convenient 9FT swivel cable for easy use and adaptability. ‌

• Luxurious thumb hole handle, ergonomic design and modern tip make the style more comfortable.

What's the difference?

The new Classic Croc hair placards are part of our fundamental collection, with signature features and high performance. These special features make this flat iron a part of the Classic collection.

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