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IHAIR KERATIN extensions are made of European hair and are of high quality. These can be painted, discolored, the hair like your hair

These TAPE ON extensions are used for 1-3 months. The application procedure takes about 120 minutes.

TAPE ON extensions require less application time. Also maintenance costs are much lower than the other method.

Bandwidth extensions are easy to maintain and are of superior quality. They will not split or get tangled. Their maintenance will be easy, with the cuticles of natural hair being oriented in the same direction, staying intact.

These extensions are 100% natural hair with a natural look and offering hair volume

Diversity on shades. We offer a variety of different shades. For people who want to be in trend we also offer different color combinations.

With the TAPE ON extensions you can get perfect balayage without discoloring or degrading your hair.

Length 50cm; Width 4cm

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