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Daily Shampoo after-treatment 250ml
iHair Keratin Shampoo is exclusively designed for Keratin treatment and daily use. It is made from n..
IHAIR KERATIN Clarifying Shampoo  250ml
Clarifying Shampoo IHAIR help clean the hair thoroughly, removing impurities. Apply shampoo only bef..
Ihair Keratin Cocos 500 ML
Brazilian coconut keratin treatment for curly, degradedIntensive version for professional use.The Br..
IHAIR KERATIN Conditioner for normal/coarse hair  250ml
Hair Conditioner enriched with keratin, for any type of hair, moisturizes and nourishes the hair for..
IHAIR KERATIN Conditioner for regular/coarse hair   1000ml
Normal and dry keratin hair conditioner for keratin hair, according to any type of hair, moisturizes..
IHAIR KERATIN Grapes Bio 250ml new formula
Keratin Brazilian Grapes Bio for fine, thin hairThe grape seed extract is used in the production of ..
IHAIR KERATIN Grapes Bio 500ml new formula
IHAIR KERATIN BIO GRAPESIHAIR  Brazilian Keratin Straightening is a keratin based treatmen..
Ihair Keratin Shampoo for normal/dry hair 1000ml
Shampoo is enriched with keratin according maintain any Tipd hair look healthy and shiny. Use w..
Kit iHair Keratin Kacao +  Clarifying Shampoo Ihair Keratin  100ml
Keratin Brazilian Kakao for normal hair, slightly wavyThe Brazilian straightening method IHAIR KERAT..
Set Treatment Volume no.1 + no.2 150 ML
APPLICATION:Shampoo hair first with IHAIR KERATIN CLARIFYING. Apply VolumExtra Treatment nr.1 after ..
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