IHair Keratin Shampoo- the perfect choice for a perfect hair!

Keratin is a natural substance in our hair.  If we include it in our haircare routine, we can enjoy a healthy, straightened, shiny and moisturized hair. This is thing is possible, by using just one product if you don't want to make the things complicated. This product is IHair Keratin Shampoo!

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History of hair straightening and keratin treatment

Many people love straight hair and, most of the time, in order not to spend time straightening it almost daily, they decide to resort to keratin hair straightening treatment.

Today we decided to discuss on the blog about the history of this treatment.

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Detangle Wet Brush Ihair Keratin-the perfect choice for you and your hair

Hello everybody! Welcome back to our blog! Choosing the right brush for your hair is very important. Today we will discuss the IHair Keratin hair brush, intended for all hair types.

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How we can obtain root volume of hair at home

Hello everybody and welcome back on blog!

As usual, we will discuss the problems we may have with our hair and what we can do to solve them. Today's topic is how we can obtain root volume for our hair, simple and fast at home.

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IHair Keratin Masks - the perfect choice for those who want a change this summer

We all know that summer always brings change. Many women want to make this king of changes, but they are not sure if they want them to be permanent. Well, we are here today to encourage you to do this, because we come with the idea of a semi-permanent option which will help you to change your look this summer and decide if it will be permanent, at some point.


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Brazilian Keratin Treatment IHAIR KERATIN

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OLIPLEX - hair reconstruction and stabilization treatment

What is OLIPLEX treatment?

Oliplex is a product without silicone, sulphates or aldehydes created especially for chemically treated hair that reconnects, extends the duration and persistence of hair dye. Due to the ingredients, the treatment has a regenerative role and substantially reduces the hair damage after dyeing and completely restores the broken di-sulfuric bonds (bonds that break due to the thermal / chemical services). Oliplex is not only an independent treatment, it is also an integral part of the coloring / discoloration / permanent / straightening services, which removes the hair from the inside, strengthens and detoxifies it at the same time.

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How do we use keratin treatment at home?

Today, more and more people are very concerned about their hair care, especially regeneration and hydration, aspects that contribute to both the health of the hair and the overall appearance. Perfectly straight and healthy hair Straightening your hair gets rid of a lot of headaches, even if the hair does not look exactly like a hairstyle in the salon, you can arrange it beautifully and quickly and no longer use the hair plate.

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Perfectly defined curly cream

Try the IHAIR KERATIN loop cream, for an impressive definition and curl effect. Moisturizes and gives elasticity to curled, curly, curly hair.

The ideal product for a wonderful chalk! :)

Call for distribution at +40728832209 or visit: http://ihairkeratin.com/Hair-Care-Products

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USEFUL ADVICE: How to take care of tape extensions at home?

Do you want to buy hair extensions, but are you not sure it is worth the investment? Well, in today's article I will present the main reasons for wearing natural hair extensions. Everyone knows they are perfect for volume and length, but have you ever thought that hair extensions are perfect for hiding a failed haircut or changing your look?

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