What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Extensions do not affect existing hair !! Their installation lasts between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the complexity and the number of streams. Their duration on the hair lasts between 4-10 weeks and can be applied up to 4 times

How many types are extensions and how do they fit?

There are several types of extensions and what differentiates them is the attachment or application system. Depending on how it is applied to the hair, they respond to different needs. There are extensions with tape, keratin, clips, microring, braid. The ones with the tape have the most advantages because they catch on quickly, they do not attack the hair and the root.

Tape On extensions from iHair Keratin made of 100% natural hair are extensions that are attached with the help of adhesive tapes using the "sandwich" method, which are transparent for a more natural look.


• they are named because of the transparent band with which they are applied.

• it is applied by the "sandwich" technique with the aid of the adhesive tape.

• they have smaller strips.

• can be kept in the hair for about 4-10 weeks.

Are they difficult to maintain?

No, but they need special care. Moisturizing shampoos, brushes, oil, the mask does not tangle, does not degrade, are more sensitive than our hair. It is very simple and easy to wash with shampoo and dries at the same time with your hair. To keep them in good shape for as long as possible, it is important to keep them clean and use products specially designed for extensions.

Can they be reused?

es! Remove the hair with a special solution to remove the extensions, gently clean the existing glue and remove other extensions maintenance strips. This root removal / replication procedure can be done about 4 times, depending on the care you provide. Advantages of Tape On iHair Keratin extensions:

  • With natural hair extensions, you can repair a failed haircut
  • You can change your hair color anytime
  • Extensions of natural hair can be combed with the plate or the curl
  • You can bathe or swim with natural hair extensions
  • Extensions can be maintained just like your natural hair

If you are looking for quality hair extensions, Ihair Shop offers you several types, such as Tape In, Tape On, Keratina. You can choose from a variety of shades, and your hair gets an aspect that you will enjoy for a long time to come!

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