How is the treatment performed?

Analyze the condition of the hair and the stability of the area with which you will work (cap, crest, whole surface). Find out the hair history in the last 3 months, you will be interested to know what chemical methods have been performed on the area that interests you (discoloration, dyeing, suites). The treatment can be applied for 2 weeks BEFORE OR AFTER HAIR PAINT.

Shampoo 1-2 times with IHAIR KERATIN CLARIFYING, along the length you can apply a protective mask that rinses. Dab your hair with the towel.

Step one: Mount clips for Volume A variant (natural volume) with the right side facing the scalp or B (maximum volume) on the paths, as close to the root as possible, then apply the Volume 1 Extract Treatment directly on the clips. You can apply it to the hull, so that the product does not run on the clothes or not enter the eyes.

Allow the treatment to act for about 10 minutes (sensitive, thin) -30 minutes (thick, durable).

Check the hair every 10 minutes and then rinse well without removing the clips, only with water.

Step Two: Dab your hair with a towel. Apply VolumeExtra Treatment no.2 and wait for 15 minutes. Remove the clips and rinse the hair. Gently shampoo, apply balm or mask, then comb as usual.



  1. If you want to apply on a fragile, bleached hair, we recommend adding a dose of OLIPLEX no1 product in VolumeExtra solution no1 and then another dose OLIPLEX no1 in VolumeExtra no
  2.  After rinsing, OLIPLEX no2 will be added for 10 minutes, then gently shampoo and rinse.
  3. You can work on the root with the VOLUMEXTRA volume treatment, and along the hair length the intensive feeding treatment OLIPLEX is done, following the instructions of the treatment.
  4. It is recommended to do an allergy test 24 hours before the treatment is done!


(gives hair volume 3-6 months)

Short - 80 lei

general - 100 lei

Short-medium hair  - 100 lei

general - 130 lei

Medium - 120 lei

general - 150 lei

Hair Medium-long hair - 140 lei

general - 180 lei

Long hair - Extra long hair - 180 lei

general - 220 lei

Extra long -200 lei

general - 250 lei

(prices do not include hair washing and hair styling)

Stop thinking and CALL to make an appointment at iHair Salon.

A single application and the treatment will transform your hair and life!

Buy here: kit for VOLUME EXTRA. It contains 2 solutions and 2 types of applicators, for natural volume or maximum volume.

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