Ihair presents professional products for all hair types. We have the solution for any need or problem you have. Whether it is hair loss products, such as hair loss,dermatitis, oily scalp, thin scalp, dandruff, irritation, or you want more hair volume or you want to use our products for daily use. 

We have professional cosmetic products, such as acne problems,oily, sensitive skin problems, but also body products such as shower gels, body creams, body milk.
Hair care products after hair treatments are mandatory for keeping the results for a long period of time. The products should not contain sodium chloride and sulphates and have various special ingredients that prolong the effect of straightening, creasing or repairing. Choose the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask or styling products special to the treatment you have done.
Our product ranges are: Agadir, Ihair Keratin, Valquer, Maxxelle, D'Bullon, Rueber, Istraight.
If you have a salon or you work in the field you can work with us to access the distribution prices.
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What you get with these Products:

  • Shiny hair and pleasant to the touch
  • Hair resistant and healthy
  • Changing hair texture
  • Hydrated and regenerated hair
  • A rich hair look


  1. If you want to have healthy and matte hair, we recommend that you wash with our parabens and sulfate-free shampoos.
  2. After rinsing, use the iHair Keratin mask or conditioner in the same range for 10 minutes, then rinse.
  3. On the length of the hair the intensive feeding treatment OLIPLEX is done, following the instructions of the treatment or applying Ihair oil for a deep hydration..

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 Hair clips IHair Keratin
Professional Ihair Keratin hair clips, easy to apply, very resistant, for dry or wet hair.Superior q..
 IHair Keratin hair clips set 6 pcs
Ihair Keratin professional hair clips, easy to apply, very resistant, for dry or wet hair.Superior q..
 IHair Keratin Professional Comb Brush
The professional paint and treatment brush from IHair Keratin is made of a strong and durable materi..
Argan oil Hair Treatment Ihair Keratin 100 ml
Hair treatment is rich in Vitamin E, phenol, carotene and fruit acids, combats drying, dehydration a..
Clarifying Shampoo Ihair Keratin 1000ml
The clarifying shampoo helps to clean the hair thoroughly, removing impurities. Apply the shampoo ju..
Clarifying Shampoo Ihair Keratin 250ml
Clarifying Shampoo IHAIR help clean the hair thoroughly, removing impurities. Apply shampoo only bef..
Curl cream for natural wawy Ihair Keratin 250ml
Argan Oil Curl Cream for all hair types.Ihair Keratin Curl Cream energizes curls with this velvety c..
Daily Keratin Shampoo for normal or Dry hair Ihair Keratin 250ml
iHair Keratin Shampoo is exclusively designed for Keratin treatment and daily use. It is made from n..
Deep Reconditioning Keratin Mask Ihair Keratin 500 ml
Ihair  keratin Mask for all hair types. Argan based anti-aging repair mask is rich in fatty aci..
Detangle Wet Brush Ihair Keratin
The Wet Brush works great on wet and dry hair! Perfect for men, women and kids For thick, curly and ..
Hair Conditioner for normal to dry hair Ihair Keratin 1000ml
Normal and dry keratin hair conditioner, according to any type of hair, moisturizes and nourishes ha..
Hair Conditioner for normal/coarse hair Ihair Keratin 250ml
Hair Conditioner enriched with keratin, for any type of hair, moisturizes and nourishes the hair for..
Ihair Keratin Heat Protector 250ml
Hydrates hair and protect hair (For All Hair Types) Treatment cream without rinsing Formul..
iHair Keratin heat-resistant carbon tail
Professional comb with tail made of carbon, it is ideal for keratin treatment as well as for styling..
Ihair Keratin Shampoo for normal and fine hair 250ml
Ihair Keratin Shampoo - anti hair-loss/anti-dandruffThis essential oil blend purifies and stimulates..
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